I Found A Glitch! (Body Upload Coming Soon)

Haii Everybodehh! XD Today Or..Tonight.. I’m Gonna Show You A Glitch! I Swear I Didn’t Copy That From The Others, It’s Original! Okay! So, It’s The Bounty Glitch. Okay This Is How It Works.. (Step By Step)


1st: Drop Your Bounty



2nd: Equip Any Horse You Like



3rd: Grab Your Bounty Again And Tadaa!! You Can Use You Mount With The Bounty Still On You!



I Was Gonna Post The Body Sooner When This Happens..



The File Was Corrupted For Some Reason.. BUT! I’m Almost Half-Way Finished  With The Other Body! It Might Be Published On February..(I guess)


Patience Is The Virtue!





Hai Everybodeh!!  JainesSempai Here! I Just Wanna Tell You Guys That I Will Be Posting Some Graalonline Classic Uploads Such As Heads,Bodies,Swords And Swords! The Only Thing Is.. I Might Take A While Before I Can Post Custom Uploads Because I’ve Been Really Busy With My Schoolworks.. BUT! I Will Still Be Active And Kicking!


Anyway.. If You Saw A Logo(above) It’s My Logo Which Means That Upload Came From Me..You Can See My Logo In The Bottom-Right Of The Body,Sword,Shield, Head Upload. That’s All Everybodehh!! Come Visit Anytime~!