Hai Everybodeh!!  JainesSempai Here! I Just Wanna Tell You Guys That I Will Be Posting Some Graalonline Classic Uploads Such As Heads,Bodies,Swords And Swords! The Only Thing Is.. I Might Take A While Before I Can Post Custom Uploads Because I’ve Been Really Busy With My Schoolworks.. BUT! I Will Still Be Active And Kicking!


Anyway.. If You Saw A Logo(above) It’s My Logo Which Means That Upload Came From Me..You Can See My Logo In The Bottom-Right Of The Body,Sword,Shield, Head Upload. That’s All Everybodehh!! Come Visit Anytime~!


Author: jainesempai

Ashes, ashes, time to go down Ooh, honey do you want me now? Can't take it anymore, need to put you to bed Sing you a lullaby where you die at the end.. <3 Haii Everybodehh!! <3 In This Wordpress, I Will Post Mostly GraalClassic-Related Posts! I Will Post Some Body,Head,Shields And Swords Upload!! So Be Sure To Credit Me For The Upload If Necessary!! If You Have Any Complains About The Uploads, Freely Email Me In My Yahoo Account! "jaineskunfield@yahoo.com"!! That's All Everybodeh!! See Yah In My Blog!

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